A collection of documents related to the UIDAI and the implementation of the Aadhaar project, sourced from various persons and websites. The copyrights for all documents rests with the original creators. The documents are re-shared here unconditionally.


Primer on Aadhaar Judgment and Amendments Act

Short 2-pager on Aadhaar Judgment and Amendments Act

Government documents

Court documents, UIDAI documents, here.

Gazette notifications

Hunger Deaths in 2015-18


25 hunger deaths caused by Aadhaar issues

2015-18 में भूख से मौतें

Case documents

All documents pertaining to the ongoing cases in the Supreme Court, including petitions, applications, rejoinders, orders, oral arguments, etc.


Letter protesting schools mandating quoting of Aadhaar number for admissions

Letter to send to members of parliament on Aadhaar Rules, which are in parliament.

Letter for contempt if forced to give Aadhaar.

COLLECTION OF Articles critical of aadhaar since 2010 TILL TODAY

  1. Ram Krishnaswamy's blog documents articles and media critical of the UID project since 2010

  2. Recent press coverage


Please feel free to use any graphic material from here to raise awareness about Aadhaar issues. Contact us if you have ideas for more publicity material, or if you'd like print versions, or if you would like to contribute your creative talent towards making more such material.

1. Posters for Online and Print

2. Misc collateral

3. Posters from 30th June 2017, Day of Action across India

4. Posters from protests across India