Documents related to UIDAI and implementation of Aadhaar numbers. Sourced from various people and websites. Copyright of all documents are held by their original creators, and re-shared here without any conditionalities.

Government documents

Court documents, UIDAI documents, here.

Gazette notifications


Draft letter to send to members of parliament on Aadhaar Rules, which are in parliament.

Draft letter for contempt if forced to give Aadhaar.

COLLECTION OF Articles critical of aadhaar since 2010 TILL TODAY

Ram Krishnaswamy's blog documents articles and media critical of the UID project since 2010

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Aadhaar won't solve quantity fraud.

Aadhaar nahi, anaaj chahiye.

Aadhaar Baalak, Adarsh Baalak.

Aapka aadhaar sahi nahi hai (Mid Day Meals)


Aadhaar nahi, Adhikar toh do?

Aadhaar nahi, sudhaar chaahiye