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Petition to be delivered to GoI (PMO), UIDAI & Supreme Court:

I demand that the Government of India stop asking citizens to link one identity card - Aadhaar - to multiple services. The multiple problems surrounding the Aadhaar have convinced me that such linking serves no purpose except to create a surveillance state.

Since Aadhaar was introduced in September 2010, citizens have been cut off from essential services such as food rations, students have had problems in receiving their scholarships, people have been turned away from medical treatment for not carrying Aadhaar cards, pensioners have stopped getting their pensions due to Aadhaar-related errors, and there are growing concerns around big data collection and identity theft.

I do not want one identity number and card, and do not want one identity card linked to multiple citizen services, and therefore I wish to opt out of Aadhaar entirely.

I want the Government to answer one question: Which new service does it need us to make an Aadhaar for that doesn't already require another identity document?

We already have ration card to get rations, school certificates to show completion of schooling, driving license for motor vehicles, passport as a national ID when going abroad, PAN to pay taxes, and an electoral card for voting.

Therefore, please tell us which new service do you need our Aadhaar for?

Since there is no new such service, and because I do not want one ID card linked to multiple services, I wish to opt out of Aadhaar entirely.

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