Citizens reject Aadhaar: Initiate Opt Out

After our last update of November 9, we have received several messages an emails in support of more citizen action against Aadhaar's coercion and exclusion.

Now, we present three ways in which you can take action, and make a difference

1. On November 11, tomorrow at 11 am, Join #NoAadhaar#NoMobile #SwitchOff mobiles for 30 minutes #AadhaarFree #NoMobile30
Switch off your mobile phone for 30 minutes at 11am on 11/11
And let's repeat EVERY DAY for the next 30 days.
Don't forget to send an SMS or mail to your service provider to tell them why you're doing this.
Draft template to send to your mobile service providers, and their email IDs are provided here:


2. Add your voice to the "Opt-out from Aadhaar" Campaign. https://rethinkaadhaar.in/take-action/

3. Petition Chief Justice of India, by signing here https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Chife_Justice_of_India_Stop_Mandatory_Aadhaar_for_services/