An appeal To support rethink aadhaar & article 21 Trust

Last year, we created the Article 21 Trust as an engine that could power further struggles to counter the impact of Aadhaar and other civil technologies on human rights – in particular the right to life, liberty, and livelihood (as the name of the Trust might suggest). We find ourselves facing complex questions which will someday seek resolution in the highest courts in our country, just as the Aadhaar project did. Among these are questions of citizenship in the age of digital identities thrown up by the National Register of Citizens recently finalized in Assam; questions of the power of the state in relation to citizens, even as India prepares to build its “Health Stack” comprising citizens’ medical data tied to a singular identifying number; and questions of “datafication” of citizens as we engage with the prospects of a data economy. Article 21 Trust aims to develop a vision of technology- and data-driven governance that puts citizens and their welfare at its core.

Article 21 will also support Rethink Aadhaar through fundraising as well as working on necessary research. Early next year we envision organising a national tribunal on Aadhaar-related issues as we continue to campaign for doing away with (and finding alternatives for) the use of the Aadhaar number or Aadhaar-based authentication/verification, especially for welfare schemes and even on a voluntary basis. Given the pace at which the government is pushing for expanding the Aadhaar project, there is an urgent need to ensure that there are reminders of the Aadhaar project’s limited scope - with enrolment strictly voluntary - as directed by the Supreme Court.

Rethink Aadhaar could not have grown without your support – many have contributed to this campaign, supported interns financially, and through volunteer efforts. We request your continued support for both Rethink Aadhaar and Article 21 Trust. Should you wish to make a (further) monetary contribution, Article 21 Trust bank details are included below.

Name on account: Article 21 Trust
Bank A/C No.: 50200037948512
Bank name: HDFC Bank
Branch name: Hauz Khas
IFSC Code: HDFC0000467

Note on Article 21 Trust: The Trust was created in July, 2018; the current Trustees include Maansi Verma, Praavita, Prasanna S, Raghu Godavarthi, and Rohith Jyotish

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